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Doing our homework: How we help clients find the right house



Our support goes far beyond mortgages and could bring buyers a real advantage.

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From securing a family home for half the asking price to ensuring confidentiality for a high-profile individual – Coutts has helped clients buy property in more ways than you think.

Whether you’re looking for a new home or an investment, we can introduce you to leading buying agents with the experience and contacts to find properties that meet your needs. And their search will include properties that aren’t on the open market. Skilled negotiators, they then work to seal the deal on that property for you on the best possible terms.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are four examples highlighting how we’ve helped our clients.


1) The Half-Price house Purchase

A family looking for a new home in North London approached Coutts for help. They felt the market was softening and wanted to get impartial advice about prices in the local area.

We introduced them to an agent who knew that part of London particularly well and was well-connected with the local agents.

They soon found a property that matched the client’s specific requirements. But their knowledge of previous offers on it, and analysis of similar property sales, led them to advise the family to wait. They felt the price was too high and likely to come down, so patience would very much be a virtue.

They were right. The market cooled even more and the asking price took several so-called ‘hair cuts’. Our client eventually secured the property at a huge 44% discount.

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“Whether you’re looking for a new home or an investment, we can introduce you to leading buying agents with the experience and contacts to find properties that meet your needs. And their search will include properties that aren’t on the open market.”

2) Keeping It Under Wraps

A high-profile client was keen to ensure his property purchase remained confidential. The agent he appointed through Coutts therefore ensured all the estate agents, vendors and surveyors involved signed non-disclosure agreements.

But they went even further, buying the royalties of the property photographs to ensure they were not published publicly.

As well as ensuring privacy, the agent got a good deal for the client too. They secured a house before it was put on the market for a sum far enough below the asking price to completely cover the buying agent’s fees.


3) Getting early access and saving £100K

A client was looking for a new home with more space that was close to their children’s school. The family had struggled to find a property as there was very little available that suited their requirements. We introduced them to one of our agents with the relevant experience who subsequently found them a suitable place that wasn’t on the market at that time.

The property had been up for sale previously for £4.5 million but was then withdrawn after the European Union referendum in 2016 – due to the uncertainty in the market caused by the result.

It was being prepared to go back on sale for £3.8 million, but our agent managed to get early access to it and secure it before it was formally put back on the market for £3.7 million.

This saved our client £100,000.

It was a particularly good result because buying something that’s not on the market often involves paying more than the asking price to secure it before it becomes widely available.


4) Outsourcing the stress

One client came to us for help buying a property because she didn’t feel confident negotiating with sellers and their estate agents. She felt that she didn’t really understand market pricing, and preferred to hand over the negotiations to a professional.

We introduced her to one of the firms on our panel, who carefully talked through her ideas, requirements and budget. They then found her an off-market property she really liked and were able to secure it for £5.5 million – £1.5 million below her budget and at a discount to the guide price.


Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Over-18s only. Terms and conditions apply.

You may not be eligible for all Coutts mortgage solutions. Security may be required.

When investing, past performance should not be taken as a guide to future performance. The value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up, and you may not recover the amount of your original investment.

Key Takeaways

Coutts can bring a number of advantages to clients looking to buy a property – whether it’s as a new home or investment opportunity.

Our panel of leading buying agents has the experience and contacts to help you find a place that meets your needs, and their searches can include properties that are not yet on the open market.

They then negotiate the best possible terms and put you firmly in a ‘preferred purchaser’ position, while also ensuring complete confidentiality if that’s important to you.

And once you’ve found and secured the most suitable property, our range of flexible lending options could help you buy it.

Could Coutts help you?

Our agents are highly experienced in finding a range of relevant properties – whether on or off the market – and putting you in a ‘preferred purchaser’ position. And once they’ve helped you find somewhere, we have a range of flexible lending options that could help you buy it.

Find out more about our independent panel of leading buying agents and take a look at our range of borrowing solutions. For more information, speak to your private banker or call Coutts 24 on 020 7957 2424.