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Caviar and champagne – a match made in heaven



Enjoy a true treat at a top London restaurant through our Thank You from Coutts reward programme.

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Coutts Silk Card holders can now enjoy champagne and caviar at a top London restaurant as one of the rewards available through our Thank You from Coutts programme. To celebrate, we take a closer look at the classic culinary combination.

With its roots often linked to Russia – Russian Tsars were the ones to catapult caviar into the world of luxury – you may be surprised to know that the word ‘caviar’ comes from the Persian word ‘khav-yar’, meaning egg or cake of power. Fish eggs were used by the ancient Persians not just as a delicacy but as a tonic promoting strength and good health.

Caviar can be used to describe various types of fish roe, but it is most closely associated with the eggs of the sturgeon. The female sturgeon can survive in both salt seas, as well as the fresh waters around Eastern Europe and Europe , including the UK. It also belongs to an ancient family of fish – one of very few to survive the dinosaurs – and is virtually unevolved since the Triassic period.

The most highly prized variety of caviar comes from the endangered beluga sturgeon. Its rarity and the quality of its caviar mean that it is always in high demand.

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The perfect palate cleanser

The salty taste of caviar calls for a palate cleanser – and what better match for its superior quality than champagne? The average bottle has around 49 million bubbles and, if you’re looking for quality, then the smaller they are the better.

There is some dispute over the drink’s origins. It is widely believed that champagne was discovered – initially by accident – by Dom Pierre Perignon at the abbey of Hautvilliers in 1697. The myth is that, once he tasted it, he said “come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” But some say an English scientist called Christopher Merrett actually invented sparkling wine over 30 years earlier.

Wherever champagne began, it has become one of the world’s most popular tipples – with the Champagne region of France producing about 300 million bottles of bubbly a year.

When it comes to drinking it with caviar, you should generally opt for a drier variety. Champagnes with higher acidity – in particular ‘zero dosage’ cuvées – will simultaneously calibrate the palate and lift the saltiness of the caviar just enough so you can taste it among the various other layers of flavour.

A caviar and champagne breakfast, lunch or supper at Fortnum & Mason’s No. 45 Jermyn Street restaurant is available as a gift through Thank You from Coutts. For more information, please speak to your private banker.

The Coutts Silk Card is available to Coutts Private Current Account holders as either a Credit Card (Representative 14.7% APR variable) or a Charge Card (Representative 0% APR variable).

Over 18s only. Always aim to pay off a Coutts Silk Credit Card balance every month to ensure the benefit of any reward outweighs any interest costs.

Key Takeaways

A champagne and caviar treat is just one of a range of gifts available through our Thank You from Coutts reward programme for Silk Card holders. Speak to your private banker to find out more.

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