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Top tips for buying a yacht and the chance to get tickets for this year’s Southampton Boat Show.

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Whether you dream of speeding across Lake Como or jumping into the clear blue sea while anchored at Saint Tropez, there’s no doubt a yacht is one of the ultimate luxuries.

It is also by any standard a significant purchase, with prices starting at around £400,000 for a smaller model and rising to tens of millions for larger boats built to exacting requirements.

Coutts Managing Director Warren Thompson says the Coutts network can be very helpful for those looking for the high life on the high seas.

“Through our partnership with Lombard Marine Finance, we can help our clients cut through the complexity and get expert advice on the process of buying their ideal yacht,” he says.  “And once you’ve decided, Lombard could support your financing needs through a marine mortgage on up to 80% of the value of the boat.”

If applying for a marine mortgage – available only to those over 18 – security will be required in the form of a mortgage secured over the vessel and product fees may apply. A guarantee may also be needed.


Southampton show time

A good way to explore your options is to visit a boat show, and one of the biggest is happening in the UK this month. The annual Southampton Boat Show takes place in one of Europe’s largest purpose-built marinas from 14 to 23 September. It attracts around 100,000 visitors and features hundreds of boats from the world’s most prestigious brands.

If you’d like to visit this year’s show, we’re delighted to offer a limited number of tickets in association with Lombard. To secure your ticket, contact your private banker.

“Through our partnership with Lombard Marine Finance, we can help our clients cut through the complexity and get expert advice on the process of buying their ideal yacht.”
Warren Thompson, Coutts Managing Director

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Top tips for buying a boat

James Lane at Princess Motor Yachts says the most important thing to consider when buying a yacht is what you want to do with it.

He says, “Is it for family holidays or entertaining? Will it complement a holiday home or are you planning to take longer voyages? These types of questions will drive a lot of decisions you make around the size and type of boat you buy.”

Click on the image below for more of James’s tips.

Image courtesy of Princess Yachts Ltd

Image courtesy of Princess Yachts Ltd

To find out more about Lombard Marine Finance, speak to your private banker, email Joe Dalton, Relationship Director at Lombard Marine or visit their website.

Key Takeaways

Thanks to our friends at Lombard Marine Finance, which offers ‘marine mortgages’ and loans to help you buy a yacht, we have tickets available for this year’s iconic Southampton Boat Show.

Things to think about if the sea life is for you include getting the right size engine for your travels, the on-board entertainment you want and whether you need a crew.

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