CouttsID further bolsters our award-winning approach to innovation while ensuring an optimum client experience. 

The launch of CouttsID in September was a major step forward in the continuous development of our security measures and digital innovation. Five months after its launch we aren’t aware of a single case of fraud involving someone using CouttsID. Our diligence in continuing to monitor performance will ensure that our advancements maximise our clients’ security while maintaining the personal touch they expect from Coutts.

CouttsID replaces the need to carry a card reader by making use of a client’s Apple and Android mobile phone to authorise transactions and access Coutts Online. This ensures optimum security for our clients as the technology is problematic for fraudsters to circumnavigate. Although the card readers have been very successful, most fraud takes place because a fraudster has successfully tricked clients into giving out the passcode number from their card readers. With this number in their possession, the fraudster is able to log in and start making payments into their own account immediately. By removing the need to generate this passcode, CouttsID will notify clients of an attempted payment, a login, or a change of contact details on their mobile phone screen, and request confirmation, which can be promptly given or denied with a single tap to their device. 

“The security of our clients and their online banking is paramount”

It is the first time such technology has been used by a UK bank and means that without the login details and mobile phone, fraudulent access to an account is even more difficult. CouttsID complements our already rigorous security, which includes secure messaging system and ‘behavioural biometerics’, through which we analyse the way people use their computers to help us detect fraudulent activity. 

The security of our clients and their online banking is paramount, and CouttsID makes this an exceptional experience. Slick and seamless, CouttsID eliminates the need to carry around a card reader by making use of the technology they always have on their person – their mobile phone. The ease of use and convenience of CouttsID has meant that over 4,000 people have already begun using the service, which is easily enabled through the settings in your Coutts Mobile app. Discover more about how to use CouttsID at 



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