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Network Online With Our New Coutts Connect Service



Clients can now interact with other clients online using our exclusive networking site

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For centuries, Coutts has gone beyond the ordinary role of a bank by introducing our influential and successful clients to each other so that together they can achieve great things.

Traditionally this has been done through networking events and face-to-face meetings, but to meet the demands of an increasingly fast-paced and technology-driven world we have now launched our own networking site.

Coutts Connect is like other social media platforms in some respects, but has the significant benefit of only being open to our clients. This means that you are instantly connected to a network of people that can’t be matched elsewhere online. Aimed primarily at entrepreneurs, it is also open to all clients ranging from senior city professionals to wealthy individuals and investors.

“We have long known that our most powerful resource at Coutts is our extraordinary client base. Coutts Connect now allows our clients to talk directly to each other, creating huge opportunities to collaborate and share wisdom.”
Greg Kyle-Langley, Director, Coutts

Become A Client

When you become a client of Coutts, you will be part of an exclusive network. 

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This new service is in addition to, and not instead of, our on-going networking activities. You can use it, for example, to advertise a senior position in your company, such as a non-executive director role. Alternatively, you are welcome to post questions on the site, such as asking whether anyone in our network is interested in working with you on a new business opportunity.

If you are running an event of your own, the platform can suggest influential and relevant people you might like to invite and send them an email. In fact, it uses some of the same algorithms developed for the dating site to link users with others who share their interests or could meet their needs.

Coutts Connect is being trialled with clients for an initial six-month period while we assess their feedback. We believe it can significantly enhance your personal network and provide solutions to many of the issues and challenges that you face.

Clients who would like to join Coutts Connect should contact their private banker, who will get them set up as quickly as possible.

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We have launched Coutts Connect, a new networking site that is exclusively for our clients. It instantly connects you to a community of like-minded individuals who can’t be matched elsewhere online.

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