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See how our latest lending product allows you to better utilise your existing investment portfolio .

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At Coutts we understand that our clients want simple solutions to their complex financial needs. That’s why we have launched our new Investment Backed Lending product which blends our world-renowned personalised service with our sophisticated and bespoke lending solutions.  

Disturbing an existing portfolio might compromise its returns and your long-term goals; that’s why Investment Backed Lending from Coutts allows you to borrow against your existing investments – without the need to sell them. This ensures your investment strategy is unaffected but provides you with the flexibility of borrowing to suit your needs. 

“Investment Backed Lending from Coutts allows you to borrow against your existing investments – without the need to sell them.”

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Investment Backed Lending is sometimes known as Lombard Lending, the name coming from Lombardy, the region in north Italy, whose people were particularly skilled bankers in the Middle Ages and pioneered early forms of this lending. The international nature of Investment Backed Lending continues to this day with clients in Asia particularly using it to leverage their portfolios and clients in Europe and North America typically utilising it for a mixture of leverage and liquidity. Whilst less wide-spread in the UK, we are seeing strong growth with clients using this method of lending as a powerful tool to borrow in a flexible way.

Whether it is to take advantage of an investment opportunity or to introduce some strategic liquidity to your portfolio, Investment Backed Lending gives clients the security of knowing their long-term investment strategy remains in place along with the responsiveness to leverage their assets when they need. It also forms a key part of a holistic proposition that draws together banking, lending and investments in one flexible solution.

The real strength of Coutts’ offering is how our private bankers will work closely with you to understand your goals and achieve the right outcome. We have bespoke client groups with sector specialists focused on the particular needs of groups such as executives and entrepreneurs. This allows us to provide optionality that other providers can not offer, such as the ability to draw down an Investment Backed Loan as a fixed-advance or an overdraft in a mixture of five currencies.

If you would like to find out more about Investment Backed Lending or other borrowing options from Coutts, please speak to your private banker.

Security may be required for which a fee may apply. Over 18s only.

Key Takeaways

Coutts has launched a new Investment Backed Lending product, which allows clients to borrow money against an investments portfolio. It means there is no need to withdraw money from the portfolio, or disrupt their long term financial strategy.

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