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Making Philanthropy A Family Business



Philanthropy can bring your family closer together, instil a sense of pride and help teach children about money

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Working together as a family to discuss how you give to charity can help your philanthropic vision endure across generations. Watch our video below to find out more.

Philanthropy can take many forms but is hugely rewarding if done well. We can help you get off to a good start with expert, practical advice and fun family workshops.

In our video, Coutts Institute Director Rachel Harrington covers some of the initial steps you need to think about and the benefits of getting your children involved.

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“Some of the first steps to take might include being clear about why you want to give together as a family and how you'll make decisions.”
Rachel Harrington, Director, Coutts Institute
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Key Takeaways

Getting your family involved in philanthropy can be extremely rewarding if done well. It can take many forms and there is a lot to think about, but our experts at Coutts are here to help

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