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Introducing Entrepreneurs To Investors



We recently hosted an event in which entrepreneurs pitched to investors for millions of pounds in funding.

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We’re well connected and whatever challenges entrepreneurs are facing, we can usually introduce them to someone who can help.

Five high-growth companies with potentially game-changing products were introduced to private investors with the capital to get them to the next level, during an event at our London office. The carefully-selected businesses, which were seeking a total of £5 million, were each given a nerve-wracking eight minutes to make their case for funding. It was a snapshot of Coutts’ unique ability to introduce entrepreneurs to people with the expertise and resources they need to succeed. Envestors Private Investors Club, which ran the event, is part of a network of organisations and professionals we work with to support our business clients.

This network is a key ingredient of our modern banking proposition for entrepreneurs and helps us to provide support at every stage of the business cycle. In this case, for example, it ensured that we could attract a large number of serious investors to meet the five businesses. They were confident that the presentations would be made by companies representing real investment opportunities. That’s because Envestors assessed each business in advance and was also able to confirm that they were eligible under either the Enterprise Investment Scheme or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, which offer important tax incentives to encourage investors to back smaller companies.

“Each company was given a nerve-wracking eight minutes to make their case for funding”

By hosting the event we gave high technology engineering company Aeristech, for example, the opportunity to explain its breakthrough electric motor technology for the automotive industry to investors who could fund its development. The firm has already achieved a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions, which could provide a way for vehicle manufacturers to meet new emissions standards. Another company, Intelligent Health, impressed investors with its Beat the Street mass participation game, which is designed to improve the general health of the population by increasing activity levels. Recently, 37,000 people played Beat the Street in Belfast, 29,000 in Hounslow and 24,000 in Reading.

The three other companies given the chance to pitch for funding were 360 Views Ltd, whose 360-degree camera allows it to provide high quality digital tours of any property at a very low cost; Arca Property Risk Management, which operates a property derivatives and futures brokerage; and Market Porter, a technology platform connecting independent food producers directly with consumers.

While introducing entrepreneurs to investors is a key capability, our network allows us to connect them with experts who can help to tackle many different challenges. For example, we work closely with Cranfield School of Management, impact investment specialists ClearlySo and Cavendish, which helps businesspeople get the best deal when they finally decide to sell their companies. This added value approach complements our banking services for entrepreneurs, which range from bank accounts and credit cards to lending. And because an entrepreneur’s personal and professional lives are inextricably linked, we work closely with them to provide a holistic approach to banking, investment and future planning.

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As the first private bank and wealth manager to establish a dedicated service for entrepreneurs and business owners, Coutts is well known for our understanding of the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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