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Don’t Get Into A State On Estate Planning



Our video looks at some key points to consider when planning how to pass on your wealth

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Whether you’re setting aside funds for your children’s education or looking to set up a charitable foundation, it’s important to get your estate planning right.

Protection, flexibility and privacy are areas usually front of mind when people think about this, and trusts can help you achieve all three.

Coutts Head of UK Trusts and Estate Planning Chris Thurlow talks through estate planning and how Coutts can help you navigate it all in our new video.

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“At Coutts we can help with all of your estate planning needs, whether that’s in respect of your will, family trusts or a charitable foundation.”
Chris Thurlow, Head Of UK Trusts And Estate Planning, Coutts
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Key Takeaways

Protection, flexibility and privacy are key when considering how to pass on your wealth. Coutts can help with all your estate planning needs – whether it involves your will, a family trust or a charitable foundation.

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