So how can Coutts help?

Throughout our history, we have been a leading provider of financial expertise and services to private individuals and organisations involved in all forms of charitable activity.

Today, the knowledge and understanding we have acquired over more than three centuries are distilled into four specialist
areas of service:

  • Philanthropy: Expert guidance in the development of a strategic approach in order to maximise the impact of your giving. 
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  • Trusts: When you are ready to make the long-term commitment of setting up a private charitable trust, our experienced team can take care of everything. 
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  • Charity Investment: We specialise in developing bespoke investment strategies that enable charities and trusts to maximise the assets upon which their good work depends.
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  • Commercial Banking: A modern and highly efficient response to the day-to-day banking needs of charitable organisations, based on attentive personal service. 
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Individually, these services offer focused expertise of the highest quality. Collectively, they can provide a complete and seamlessly integrated solution to the financial requirements of philanthropic individuals, charitable trusts, charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

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