Historical timeline: 1751 - 1800


Coutts event

World event 

1751 China invades Tibet


The Gregorian calendar is adopted in Britain

James Coutts marries Mary Peagrum – the granddaughter of John Campbell – bringing the Coutts name into the business

Dr Samuel Johnson publishes his ‘Dictionary of the English Language’
1758 Halley’s comet appears in the sky, proving Edmund Halley’s calculation of its orbit
1759 The British Museum opens to the public

Death of Mary Coutts and George Campbell

The accession of George III

Thomas Coutts joins his brother James as a junior partner at the Bank, which is now named ‘James & Thomas Coutts’ 


James Coutts becomes an MP for Edinburgh


Thomas Coutts marries Susannah Starkie. Together they have three daughters – Susan, Frances and Sophia

Under the Treaty of Paris, France cedes Canada to Britain
1765 The battleship HMS Victory is launched
1768 The Royal Academy is founded by George III
1773   During the Boston Tea Party, militants destroy shipments of tea in protest against British taxes

James Coutts retires from the Bank, making Thomas senior partner

1776 America declares independence from the British Empire

Thomas Coutts makes Edmund Antrobus, a 27 year old stockbroker, a partner of the Bank


James Coutts dies in Gibraltar

Louis XVI of France declares war on Britain
1779 The Spinning Mule is invented by Samuel Crompton

John Antrobus becomes a partner

A highwayman, John Austin, is the last person to be executed at Tyburn
1784 The India Act brings the East India Company’s rule in India under the control of the British government

Thomas Coutts and his family travel to Switzerland and France, where they throw a ball in Paris

The ‘First Fleet’ arrives in Botany Bay, Australia, to found a British colony
1789 The Fall of the Bastille marks the beginning of the French Revolution
1792 George Earl Macartney leads Britain’s first embassy to China

Sophia Coutts marries Francis Burdett at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Coutts Trotter becomes a partner

Louis XVI of France is executed

Upon his return from his embassy to China, George Earl Macartney gives Thomas Coutts a gift of Chinese wallpaper which now hangs in the Bank’s board room

Horatio Nelson is blinded in his right eye during a battle at Calvi

Major refurbishment work begins on the Bank’s premises at 59 Strand 


Susan Coutts marries George Augustus North, the 3rd Earl of Guilford 

The British surgeon Edward Jenner discovers the smallpox vaccine
1797   The Bank of England issues its first £1 note

Edward Marjoribanks becomes a partner

1799   The prime minister William Pitt introduces income tax in Britain

Frances Coutts marries John Stuart, the 1st Marquess of Bute


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