Historical timeline

1692 - 1750
1751 - 1800
1801 - 1850
1851 - 1900
1901 - 1950
1951 - Today

Event Date Event

National Debt introduced

Salem witch trials held 
1692 Massacre at Glencoe

John Campbell set up as goldsmith banker in the Strand
  1694 Bank of England founded
Bank of Scotland founded 1695

James II dies in exile
1696 St. Paul's consecrated

Captain Kidd hanged for piracy
Accession of Queen Anne

Death of Samuel Pepys
1702 George Middleton enters the business
  1704 John Campbell commissioned to make collars for Order of the Thistle
Union of England & Scotland 1707
  1708 Middleton made a partner/C & M
Death of John Campbell 1712

Fahrenheit's temperature scale created 
1714 Accession of George I

Bank makes set of silver dressing plate for Prince of Wales
1716 Parliament's term extended to 7 years

Blackbeard killed
1718 First machine gun patented

Russia expels Jesuits
1719 Bank moves to North side of the Strand

Bank st ops payment due to English & French crises
1720 South Sea Bubble and Mississippi Bubble
  1721 Robert Walpole first Prime Minister
Middleton clear of debt - resumes lending

Birth of Joshua Reynolds
Death of Sir Christopher Wren

Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" published
1726 Lloyd's list first issued

George Campbell a partner/M & C
1727 Accession of George II

Isaac Newton dies
Birth of Robert Adam 1728
  1730 John Coutts married Jean Stuart of Allanbank
Excise Crisis

Invention of the Flying Shuttle
Birth of James Coutts

Birth of Thomas Coutts
1735 Walpole moves into 10 Downing Street
Move to 59 Strand 1739
Dick Turpin hanged

Richardson's "Pamela" published
1741 David Bruce becomes a partner/M & C & B
  1745 "God Save The King" first performed
Battle of Culloden 1746
Wearing of Scottish Tartan prohibited (ended 1782)
Death of George Middleton at Bath (only year a loss made) 1747
  1749 Birth of Goethe
Death of Bach 1750

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